So… 29 hours later and BANG, moved to the Dirty Whistler HQ at last. Currently feeling like I have been awake for 25 of those 29 hours, so just a short cautionary tale about Airlines and connecting flights.

Lets start with a small win and then finish off with a big tall loss. First up, I tried a new trick this time, upgrade on points for the first leg of a two leg trip in order to confuse the luggage allowance nazi’s when I was clearly rolling with Orca level luggage. Sure enough, after much hand wringing, process melt down confusion and ringing of superiors, I was allowed to avoid the excess beat down thanks to my pseudo status. And with that, it was time to debut the new Hoodie in business class to HK:


Thank you points…

That’s where the wins dried up I’m afraid… Dok had radioed in from his WA staging post that Cathay had fucked up his flight and it was looking super tight for him to hit the next leg to Vancouver. I sat on the plane waiting for the image of Dok pushing little people over as he clambered aboard, but in the end I had to scream like Chewie did when they closed up Ice Base Hoth while his homeboys were still out getting snow fucked. Yes, this is the sight of departure sans Herr Doktor:


There is NO Doktor in the house…

So, what had felled the tallest unit to ever throw a leg over a Demo? What could possibly keep the Rock Dok from the greatest Gnar around? A size 41 shoe sale? A game of trivial pursuits? A science fair? No… Worse than all of those – Mother fucking Nature:


The predator view of bad weather

Yip… Nothing like a tropical cyclone to fuck up your logistics and leave you stranded while the rest of the posse rocks on to Shredtown. Speaking of which, I finally caught up with Matt in Vancouver, where he was getting some last minute moon walking practice in:


“Its a fucken thriller… Get out of me country”

So, whilst we settled into the familiar bus trek to Whistler with the best Wifi you’ll ever find on a moving vehicle, what of the Dok? What have they done with him now they’ve fucked the start of his trip? Well, Cathay decided to send him to Taiwan… Ah, no, not joking… Taiwan. Their theory being to get him on the Taipei to Van flight. Good plan, horrendous execution – As they fucked that up as well, so Dok arrived to find that flight gone and after strangling some small ground staff he is now stranded in Taiwan. The only upside? At least the slippers fit:


I got fingered by Cathay and all I got were these strangely well fitting slippers….

So… We have a Rock Dok down, but in the mean time we will do our utmost to keep the radness rolling, after one BIG fucking sleep might I add… Its time to get into the action and the Dirty Demo is good to go:


So tired… may need to recheck those bolts….

Oh – Side note: GO Nibbles… Yellow looking better by the day.

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  1. Diana

    I hope the Dok arrives safely and can make up for some of that lost time. Have a blast everyone.


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