Not quite like Willie sang it, but after the longest break from riding in the last 2.5 years, it was time to get back into the saddle today, the 3 week break is OVER! Recognising the need to play it back in gently, I spent most of the 90km’s of today’s first ride back hiding behind Big Ted and Little Ted:


“Strewth, I was sure the memo said Black kit today?”

Fortunately it was a nice cruise today, in fact this was the ride that Diesel once referred to as the ‘No heart rate ride’, which suited me just fine given the break I was coming off… Speaking of the Big Diesel, he’s been quietly going about his business down in Brissy, finally finding a training partner that likes having his legs ripped off, seems Robbie is pretty handy at tube changes as well (thats Diesel to the left, leaning on his Evo just waiting for another part to surrender and fall off or capitulate to acid sweat):


“Foook, come on Robbbie, I want to get me fooking coffee in geezer”

So how did I feel back in the saddle? Well, fresher to start with… But oddly my calves were a bastard (WTF) and my ass started to hurt like it was the first night in Shawshank, but apart from that it seemed all good, so I will start overtraining again in earnest this week in preparation for the DN Summer tour! More details to come… but planning is well underway… Murghahahahahah!!!

Most disappointing part of the ride (aside from the SHIT road through the Tuas area which I hadn’t done before) was turning up to Baker & Cock for post ride coffee and finding that the NERD police had stolen all their outdoor furniture (again). To help cheer us up, the Goat did his best Grimace/Fucktard impersonation for us:


Mnmamamnanmananan…. mnananamamama – Extra kudos for the hand movements to compliment the act

It was so lifelike we soon had to move on:


Good advice to live by…

Meanwhile, back in NZ the day after the great PRO round Taupo Massacre – The full Taupo report is still to come (please people, we need to allow time for the post traumatic stress to cool down to a level where the boys can form sentence and start to name names – At the moment Angus can only repeat “Keyser Soze” over and over in a rocking motion), but here is a great shot of Logan making the extra small Rivet Racing T Shirt look like a puffer jacket and reminding kids everywhere to stay in school and do well at science:


And for once, the bike isn’t worth more than the car…

Damn climbers… Its enough to trigger a summer eating disorder, I was SO looking forward to raspberries, icing sugar and whipped cream as well, yeah, fuck Christmas is rad.

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  1. David Gowty "the goat"

    My look and hand gesture is undoubtably a reaction to the amount of crap you had been spouting for the last three hours, that and I was a bit excited about the caramel and walnut bun. Very tasty.


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