I thought that being sick on the weekend was the dumbest thing EVER… And then I saw that FIFA had re-elected a crazy old dude overnight who is so whack he makes Lance Armstrong appear reasonable. Clearly if you really give zero fucks about anything, including the illusion of morals, FIFA is a great place to have a job for life (being paid in cash and hookers also a perk). How badly is Hein Verbruggen spewing up his Dutch pastry right now? These dudes make the UCI look like a kindergarten with a dose of norovirus by comparison.

Now that I have today’s dose of “Ha ha suck balls another sport in the scandal headlines for a change” out of my system, its time to move on to matters at hand. Yes, final big training weekend before EuroEnduro and instead of sweating out 4-5 litres on a 6 hour epic MTB ride, I’m cunted by some virus that no doubt started its life crawling out the ass of a monitor lizard. So instead of quality #roadtoTP training, I’ve one finger typed this mini post up to I bring you the real final DM2 Dirty Video, like, seriously the last one.

Yes, I couldn’t help myself… With some left over footage strewn all over my hard drive, there was only one thing to do: Its the whole MEGA montage scenario!

Here’s the good news though, if you couldn’t be fucked wading through the other 10 DM2 Dirty Vids (yes, an alarmingly high number), then you can pretty much get your full fux here in around 4 minutes. After all, its the muthafucken weekend, so what else is there to do but ride and watch Dirty vids whilst still in sweaty gear?

I know I said this last time, but I am now really spent… That was the last dribble of footage, so get a break and await the onslaught of EuroEnduro. I’m off to find the best piss taking the internet has to provide on FIFA melt downs and Fabio Aru’s facial expressions… Quality long weekend ahead!

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  1. Diana

    I loved that vid, have a fantastic time in France! I’m looking forward to the French footage to come.


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