Rain, with a healthy dose of lightening, has obviously hampered any riding efforts this week.. Not that its a huge concern as its time to catch up on some rest. More pressing matters have also taken centre stage, namely the exfiltration of DN HQ! Its well and truly underway right now.

Packaged up with enough bubble wrap to choke a donkey is my prized Marzocchi 888 downhill fork, which was extract from the Bullit for next years project, where it will see its way on to a Santa Cruz V10c at some stage in the future before returning to Whistler for Shredpocalypse the Second coming:

We will be reunited... and again we will shred...

We will be reunited… and again we will shred…

Now, if you believe in Horoscopes, I am a Cancerian – Allegedly one of our traits is that we hate people fucking with our house, or the thought of not having a crib (or shell?) to hang out in. Seems to be true, which is why going mobile is less attractive for me than I thought once and army of Crown dudes started to box the fuck out of what little kit that remains.

What to do while they attack my shit like an army of rabid beavers with a Dam building OCD? Keep Calm and go to Baker & Cook to stuff your face with a slightly warmed Croissant:

Who doesn't love rest week?

Who doesn’t love rest week?

The end result? HQ is dismantled and ready to ship out. I am now equipped for cycling adventures only:

One big, long, continuous fart noise...

One big, long, continuous fart noise…

The best part about today? Terminating overhead costs with extreme prejudice – That’s right, get some of that Utility providers. Special satisfaction for putting a bullet in the Starhub account and handing them back their shitbox digital TV box… Aside from Eurosport, its been 500 channels of wretchedness. In one day I have cut my operating costs by 90%… Said funds to be earmarked for one thing only:

Cycling adventures

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  1. Angus Taylor

    Packed up and ON THE MF ROAD! Awesome, look forward to more blogages. Agree the rainbow lifesaver building design is a c! Looks like you were lucky to out of there alive, average roads, speed humps and dodgy speeding sh1t boxes everywhere..


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