And at last, its Dirty Video time from the final/Finale of the 2016 missions. There’s a bulging sac full of unstabilised POV footage being waded through at the moment, which when you watch it below will make you petition Santa as much as I have to get me a Gimbal in December.

As per usual in Italy, its all practice low down I’m afraid… No race runs, but for those curious as to what the EWS Finale stages looked like this will give you a flava. I’ve even included some of the bits I fucked up in practice to prove that the struggle of racing your ENDURO bike in Italy is real.

Its all single shot POV I’m afraid, yawn… But, its from the new forehead position that the excellent Giro Switchblade allows for. It’s shot this way under the theory that I’m supposed to sit around and watch it at night to remember what the stages are like, which works about as well as trying to tattoo stage notes on my tiny forearms. Let me tell you, based on how cut up stage 1 was even from this footage, doesn’t add any value once the race bullets start flying.

Chur to the Swiss Missile for his cameo report and to Sven for being a good sport about us fucking up his Damien Oton shot. Part 2 is being cut up like fresh sashimi right now, so stay tuned for more Finale trail goodness.

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