As I alluded to last week, I seem to have ridden myself into a state of mediocrity. I love to ride, all the time and as much as possible. BUT, I also hate turning up to races with shit form and not going anywhere near as well as I should be going. I’m not looking to win all the time (or ever if you take a look at my palmares) and prefer to work for the team, but I do want to ride properly.

So, how have I descended into this disgusting state of mediocrity (such a foul notion)? Well, essentially over the course of the last 2.5 years, the longest I have had off the bike is one week, which I have only done about 2 or 3 times. Yes, the rest of the time I rode at least once in any given week – Even when injured or sick (dumb ass). Add in no real periodisation for training and a few well documented cases of riding myself into a hole spectacularly (Thailand 2012) and it would be easy to prosecute a case that its time to chill.

However, there is only one way to enforce such a break… Yes, leave the country without a bike… Drastic action yes, but it happens to coincide with the need to refuel the Dirty Nomad piggy bank. So, its off to the UAE for 2 weeks to do that thing people call W.O.R.K. I feel mild nausea saying the word (or that could be all the anti-inflam meds), but a break and funding injection will allow for an epic summer of riding to come.

However, its going to leave me slightly nude on the blogging front. So, with this in mind, its time that I call upon YOU, the Dirty Nomad readership to feed me your shit (in a non German way) and riding stories over the next fortnight to fill the DN void. Its a full call to arms:


Ok… So, we don’t have guns, aren’t communists and I don’t know a black dude, but you get the drift…

How do I know we have lots of people from different countries with stories to tell, well, the dirty stats report gives me a snapshot of which countries we have had visitors from over the last couple of days, its a bingo:


Yes, the one hit from Slovakia HAS to be Peter Sagan… NO question…

Not to call anyone out… BUT:

Yes, Doc, we will need something from you in Strayla… Hawk, unfortunately for you its Snowbike time in Japan… Clarso, lets see this CX riding I spied on Strava… Multigirl, something from the port hills perhaps? Jez, German Sausage report? T Tap with some Taiwanese climbing? Wolf you have a DH race coming up… Rivet boys in NZ more race reports please… Come in Korea, perhaps a DMZ loop? US readers, you gave us Lance Armstrong, so you’ve pretty much fucked it I am afraid. Shep, expectations are you hit that 3 hour commute for a semi frozen MTB park loop. See! Won’t be hard at all for the Global network to provide tales & pics. Its just like sticking your finger in a dyke. Hmmmmm…

The call has gone out… Who WHO WHO will answer it? Your Nomad needs you more than ever. Tally ho, its a bit like this really;


Would have been WAY funnier if I had photoshop…

Send me any riding tales and pics, particularly those of you racing! I will be doing updates while I am on forced riding vacation, so if you want to get e mail notifications instead of checking back, click on the ‘Follow’ at the top left of the page and surrender your details.

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  1. Josie

    Well it was a whitewater weekend last weekend…no bikes in sight. BUT – girls go mad on the West Coast this weekend, so I might be able to feed you some beautiful West Coast mtb action. Will just have to remember to stop every now and then to take photos of the awesome beech forest single track!

    • dirtynomad

      That will do nicely thanks, assume this is all riding in Bikini’s then? like the E Channel version? Try not to shred your mates too much mGirl


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