As part of my new Pro contract and with the gift of significant time on my hands, I need to be fulfilling my media obligations… So, the last few days have been busy with cooking up a mouth watering buffet of Whistler video action to be spammed out for your consumption. Its fair to say that making and watching these vids has set of some serious Whistler withdrawal!

Thanks to the magic of Go Pro (often voted a ‘Loser’ yes, but the end product is pretty handy) and Vimeo, I have got 5 videos up on line with more to follow over the next few days. A few points of caution:

  1. Given I was mostly Han Solo on these runs, they don’t make for the most exciting vids, try to focus on the Gnar and let the music get you pumped (hopefully). I have tried to keep them to 5 min length where possible
  2. Shooting at Whistler is tricky with light conditions from light to dark etc, something the Go Pro is quite allergic to unfortunately. Extremely high chance you will also get motion sickness and spew on your tablet/PC, Dirty Nomad is not liable for you losing your shit with excitement or car sickness
  3. Biggest downside of the Go Pro? It makes steep terrain appear to be flat… So a -20% section looks like you’re going to the dairy to get a 50c mixture… Annoying given I probably didn’t breath through some of those sections and my nut size was being severely tested.

Ready? Deploy some popcorn, soak up the Gnar and enjoy some shredding.

1. Lower Blue Velvet

I raved on and on about this, so hopefully this little vid will outline why… Last section my personal fav, check out how it flows beautifully together like a Kate Upton lap dance.

2. Duffman on a V10c

Love Duffman… a lot of fun on the V10c as well. Extra points in this video for the couple fighting in the middle and the rock drop in of doom towards the end.

3. Casing A-Line

What is ‘casing’ I hear you ask? Well, its essentially where you don’t have the ability or anatomy (my issue being the latter) to jump the jumps the way they are designed to be ridden, normally coming up short and with a hard landing that looks and sounds awful… Casing. On par with watching a plump bald man attempt to dive into a pool and belly flop instead, should be a reasonable parallel. A-Line jumps aren’t that forgiving, so it starts to grate after a while.

4. Angry Animals and the Double Black ending

I was foaming at the mouth when I posted about this run on the last day, its an absolute blast and gets more challenging and rewarding as you go. I hit this 4 times on the last day, this was the first run and Strava indicates that my last run down it was the fastest, but this will give a feel for what it was like. Last two trails the best I think.

5. Devils club and Lower A-Line ending

A shorter vid this one, I enjoyed both of these trails, Devils club a little slower, but some good wooden sections to focus the mind!

Meanwhile, back on the road – I have managed to dodge the rain and get in a 100.05km ride yesterday (timed just to bring up the century) and 102km’s today, a couple of big emergency miles days back to back to shock the body back into road mode. The only downside is that its been in the middle of the day, so a lot of water stops and the driving here has been dreadful… I won’t go on about it, but fuck, decision making appears to be at an all time low for midday drivers. The normal mid ride fuel stop:

totally wet and extremely dry, confusing...

totally wet and extremely dry, confusing…

Tomorrow will be the start of my tapering for Italy, thank god the hard training is over… I will also do the much promised Gear Rant #2, I am trying to spin out my limited material this week… Hang in there, Milan is on the horizon!

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