Ok, lets get one thing straight first up shall we:



Right, with that sorted out that the REAL world cup is the UCI Downhill version (apparently there is a Cross Country one as well? Dominated by XTR Di2 is the word) I shall commence my lemming action by reposting rad videos from the latest DH World Cup round in Leogang, Austria. Yes, a good chance to watch high speed cuts of awesome riding mixed to music that I am busy ripping off to use in a future Dirty Shreddit production, just with the riding at half the speed of this.

Let’s start with this zippy little clip from Shimano, highlighting how their Radthletes put their Shimano Saint gear to good use on the weekend to dominate (best watched in HD):

Awesome work from Ratboy to take a maiden World Cup win in what is absolutely a cracking season, with Mr Consistency on the podium again – The Santa Cruz V10c dream machine locking out the top steps of the box. A major set-back for marketing depts everywhere who are trying to ram 27.5 into your mouth like soggy and high sugar content cereal dressed up as being healthy.

But that’s a tiny entree… How about this for AWESOMENESS… Gwin was on track to do some serious damage to the leaderboard when he blew the tire off the rim early in his run. Most of us would throw ourselves on the ground and have a tantrum, but not Mr G, he did something that is hard to get unless you watch it, yip, he rode that fucker out on the rim (again, hit this in HD):

How the rim didn’t collapse and how he managed that on such a gnar course defies normal logic, but he kept it upright, massive respect. Helped he was on a Dirty Demo as well, highlights the radness of the machine (yes, I am massively ignoring the fact he was on the new yet to be released devil wheel sized version arghhhhhhhhhhh).

This is an awesome World Cup season and is rapidly making other forms of sport shit… Top 10 in Leogang was covered by 2.9 seconds, 4 different winners from 4 rounds and there are at least 15 different riders that have a realistic chance of winning a round when they turn up. Get some of that as empirical evidence that cycling is fucking cool! Can’t wait for the next round at the end of July.


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