Like literally, where do I start? How can I even begin to put into words the last 7 days since arriving in Camp Zero to begin Trans Provence?

This is the conundrum I’m currently mulling over as I sit in Zurich airport battling a range of emotions before leaving Europe. Its not so much the bulk of material I have, and oh fuck me, do I have like 500 terabytes of pics and video to wade through, but that aside I am more perplexed with how I will find the right words and storytelling to be able to do such an adventure justice.

A week without being able to post (it was a time and technical impossibility) is probably a hint as to how big it was, as that’s never ever happened before on a Dirty mission… Neither have I ever felt that I will struggle to bring it all alive and ensure that I can try and impart how big, challenging, amazing, rad or insane it was. Like the new boundaries I found out there in the Maritime Alps, I will also have to step my game up over the coming weeks as I try and bring it all to life.

Just a quick post to say I am still VERY much alive (even if my Reverb isn’t), and no the website hasn’t melted… Stay tuned as I unleash much gushiness and a container load of superlatives for an event that got out a baseball bat and smashed all expectations to a pulp. Yes, it really was that good… I will try and prosecute my case soon – Once I can type without my hands hurting!

Thank you to all those that provided awesome support along the way, hopefully the stories to come will help you realise how important that was!


Fucken sick of putting on sunscreen

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