Its a Thursday that’s technically a Friday as the cHub gears up for its 50th Birthday this weekend, stoked about 4 days off to ride the same old trails and roads for a change! Still, plenty of time to crank hard into some more Dirty shrediting action. Speaking of which, here is Trans Provence Dirty Video Part 2, moving in across the road from your grill and setting up a stand selling fresh Gnar.

Unsurprisingly its gone a bit long on Part 2… After all, it does include that insanely BIG Day 3 action (with the fabulous Stage 10 getting quite a bit of love here) and Stage 13 on Day 4, which was so wild and different it also deserved a fair chunk of coverage.

But don’t look at the length and wince, just relax and enjoy it, as once it gets started, it will be over quicker than you realise, so much Dirty action rammed in here:

The main regret about the Part 2 vid is the small matter of the Go PRO dying before the Grey Earth stage. If there is one stage all week I wanted to capture, that was it. Once again my battery management about as reliable as a Stealth Reverb. But, a perfect excuse for having to go back next year…

It may also be noted a few other stages missing here, but I figured it was rammed enough with Stages 10 and 13 alone that no one needed any more motion sickness. And yes, if you recognised that last tune in part 2 then you’re definitely an old school Collective MTB movie fan, so high 5 muthafucka.

Part 3 is already in the Dirty mixing bowl and no, I totally didn’t wash my hands before getting my fingers in their either… Just the way you all like it. Stay tuned.


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  1. Amon

    Legend reporting. Went to buy an enduro bike after the last month’s posts but ended up with a single speed. WTF. Great recall from the frontline. Cheers.

    • Dirty Nomad

      Chur dude… Should be able to get good insurance pay out on the SS to go towards an Enduro bike in due course!


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