Am I the only one that went “Holy Fuck its June!” today? Sure, its the middle of the year already, but more to the point June is a big month for other and more significant Dirty reasons.

I had sort of lost track of time to be honest, but slowly over the last few weeks I’ve started getting the reminders leaking through on the Gram… Yes, the FOMO has dropped the hammer on me as June is all about bringing us the big one:

Trans Provence time!

Crazy right? Its hard to believe we are almost right on the doorstep of one of the best weeks you can ever have on a mountain bike… Bold call yes, but one I wouldn’t waver on for a second. Yes, its also the hardest week you can potentially have outside of a pure XC race of similar distances (Pioneer), but with more radness than your brain will know what to do with.

But to be honest, it wasn’t until I saw this video that I really started to get that massive realisation that I wasn’t going to be there this year. I wasn’t going to have that time chilling in the camp on Day Zero… Wouldn’t get to have those initial introduction chats with people as nervously excited as you were… Wouldn’t get to try and squeeze my hairy ass and overpacked bag into my tent… Wouldn’t get to experience those crazy treks up to 2,000m and beyond, or the mind melting incredible descents followed by fist pumps and saying “Fuck yeah” with a whole armada of GC’s. But mainly I wouldn’t get to face fuck people with some of the best Insta Bangers you can find in the world.

And now, a round of applause for the people who bring us this triumph of Mountain Biking amazingness:

I know this video isn’t the usual radness of shredding Gnar madness into submission, but its poignant as without the awesome team of Melissa and Ash, and their legion of epic volunteers, we wouldn’t get the chance to experience the best of what Mountain Biking is all about. Chapeau gang – Actually love your work.

Just to add to my slightly creepy and over zealous adoration, it also happens to be the 3rd anniversary this week of when I first rolled out with a couple of GC’s from Nice on the TP Tour. It was my first epic French mission and ultimately, the conception of Dirty Nomad. In saying that, the conception part has nothing to do with Herr Doktor sweating in that singlet, even if that would be a plausible thought:


Just a montage of awesome radness – Tour styles

To everyone lucky enough to have the experience bestowed upon them this year, have a fucking epic time, soak it all up, its way more than just a race… I won’t complete that cheesedick sentence, but you get the drift.

No matter how hard it gets, just remember that there’s an army of us out here not only feeling that deep deep burn and sting of momentary defeat as you straighten your bars, or lose your footing on an impossibly steep portage or lightly soil your chamois as you navigate that insane exposed traverse – but we would all gladly swap places with you in a heart beat. Enjoy every magical second…

See you on the beach! 

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