WOO-FUCKING-HOO – Its under a week to go now until leg 3 of the DN Summer Tour (all will be revealed in due course). So until then I have to tread literary water, firing random shit at you until such time I step back on a plane. Luckily, there is plenty of that floating around. So lets get a round up going.

An Evil secret project

Owner and location are undisclosed at this point, but everyone loves an evil project and this one has BLACK OPS written all over it… Someone has been getting busy with the custom paint job action, to devastating effect:


Daddy there is something EVIL and bad ass in the shed!!!!!

I’m looking forward to seeing how this project of doom continues to evolve and what the finished product looks like… Its shaping up to be a one of a kind weapon.

Why is it not hot?

Back into the Global Hub and into some back to back 100km rides on Saturday and Sunday with Big Ted and Little Ted:


Two sizes to choose from

Oddly though, there is something freaky going down with the weather here in Singapore. Saturday’s ride was an avg temp of 21 degs and Sunday was an almost chilly temp of 20 degs… WTF? Its also windy, which is odd. Not sure what’s going down, but its making it almost feel easy back here. Add to that palatial asphalt roads and no hills and its no wonder I went softer than a Raspberry Lime tea cake riding here and got the treatment when I went home recently…

Speaking of which

This handy pic has surfaced from the Vets Tour, showing life in the Rivet controlled/contrived peloton with AT and Backy up the road:


The best laid plot since the return of the Sith

Just disappearing out of shot is McMachine, I had him right where I wanted him, on the front. Unfortunately turns out that he had us right where he wanted us, with the war ultimately going his way. Also note GP and T-Bone strategically tucked in waiting to pounce for a top 5 on the stage for GP.

Total Recall

I asked T Tap, our Dirty Taiwan affiliate, to do an in-depth piece on Product Recalls and general failures in the cycle industry and all he sent in was this photo… But, as they say, a picture says a thousand words:


Even the trucks are rubbish – The one on the right may have even crashed into the factory with brake failure…


And finally, exposure on an MTB ride can provide a bit of additional exhilaration, as experienced in France during the TP tour, but this video is taking it to the next level and I am not sure I would be all that keen… best watched in HD to get the full appreciation for how crazy this line is:

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