Yeah… I know you’re sick to fuuuucking death of teaser posts about the DN Summer Tour, but, I have a few more to go, so hang in there. Upside? It means more video goodness! Today’s selection are an absolute treat for our international readership as I know that you just love the kiwi accents!! Teacher, this one is for you:

I intend to ride that trail when I hit Welly, its looking good. The FULL kiwi accent making it even better. Not to be outdone, Rotorua is also turning it on with some quality trails, will need to get into this one as well when I hit town:

Clearly the fuzz has it dialled in there, smashing it… A good video to show the clear difference between a DH bike and trail bikes, see you DO need both in the garage. Meanwhile, I am working hard catching up on some important reading and research to stay in step with the industry:


I hate it when the beach is rammed…

Yes, reading material at the opposite ends of the spectrum… Learning’s so far? 27.5inch wheeled MTB’s want to eat your brains and Mr Horner isn’t overly focused on dignity preservation or reality. Good times!

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