On yesterday’s relatively aimless ride around Singapore getting the most awesomely sharp tan lines I have managed in a while, I inadvertently brought up a milestone for the year that had almost escaped me:

12,000km’s ridden in 2013

Yes, overtraining at its finest! Its the second year in a row I have managed over 12,000km’s, but still a little way behind last years 12,594km’s that I ended up with for 2012. At this stage I am unlikely to beat that effort. So far that’s around 460 hours of this sort of view (If I am lucky enough to be somewhere as awesome as Niseko in this example):


The cranks on the bike go round and round… And round… And round… And fucking round some more…

A rough calculation using my shit maths ability has me working out that I have turned the cranks around on my bikes about 2,411,640 times, based on time and my average cadence. No wonder my hammies feel fucked at the moment (although, that problem may have been fixed today, watch this space…).

Hitting 12,000 is not all that uncommon in the semi-Pro ranks and there are plenty of people on Strava that have either done it (the Goat has already topped out over 15,000) or are about to… But to put it into perspective, perhaps consider Albert Timmer, a PRO from the Argos Shimano team:


I loooooove Kilometers…

What’s up for Albert? Well, he’s RACED 15,969km’s in 2013… raced… SO, when you think about his training rides, he’s probably topped 30,000km’s maybe? I singled out Albert as according to Inner ring (great website), he’s raced the most Km’s this year in the PRO peloton. Its brain melting trying to consider racing all those K’s, some ‘next level shit’ one might say?

Yes, there is always the cycling food chain… There is always someone faster, or who has done more KM’s, or who has a higher power output blah blah etc etc, so just continue to keep it in perspective and enjoy those KM’s gang!

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