Its been a while since I went a week without a post and whilst I have very little to actually rave on about, this time it wasn’t just creative constipation thats generated the silence. No, this time I had some help from this guy:


Welcome back to the wrecking yard

I knew that there would be some tricky potholes to navigate on the road to recovery, but I hadn’t counted on swerving off it completely and ending up rolled over in a ditch like some bad ‘drink & drive’ commercial… But that’s where we ended up on Wednesday night, back to A&E and another $1k bill after a rehab exercise I had been doing for the last 10 days somehow went massively wrong – Result: Pain that made me outscream small babies and a backcast put on to immobilise my seriously withered T Rex limb.

So… A lot of good progress washed away and a lack of a definitive diagnosis of what actually has gone wrong. The GOOD news (at least there is some) is that I didn’t manage to rip out all the titanium handiwork inside, so its not a bone issue, even if it did feel like I had a broken wrist. I’ve been climbing ladders recently on the recovery front, so this is a bit of a surf down a cunty snake… For those of you out there racking up miles or shredding single track to fuck, take a moment NOW to appreciate it…

It hasn’t all been doom and gloom (only 94%) this week, the arrival of a new Giro Aeon helmet both a glimmer of hope and a reminder there is still a lot of bad ass rehab to get through. After the old one saved me from becoming even more retarded, I figured some customer loyalty and a plug was in order. The way I remodelled the back of the old one proving that its definitely not “More fun in the Philippines” if you’re a bike helmet (possibly also the biggest lie in Marketing history that line):


Got the BASH eh!

The new matte white Aeon is pretty cool FYI, still the best shape and look unless you’ve been converted into the Marketing Zombie horde and convinced you need an aero helmet. I did try on the new ‘Synthe’, looks ok, but fuck me if Giro haven’t gone and changed the shape to make it oddly uncomfortable now. Dirty buying advice – Wear a Synthe around the shop for 10 minutes before deciding to buy one, any concerns about looking like a cock will fade in comparison to getting home with a $350 helmet that feels uncomfortable.

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