With film making currently my new full time job, its time to unleash the laziest set of posts ever with a day by day video play back of the entire South Island mission from Leg 3 of the DNST. To make sure its a movie marathon of goodness and not a death march, its pretty much all montage action and I have made sure its quick cuts and shock horror, in some places even different camera angles!

To start with, we have what was pretty much the most mellow day of the trip, kicking off in Naseby, AKA the middle of MF nowhere:

Usual disclaimer – I cannot be sued for motion sickness and if the video won’t play, then upgrade your shit old computer, or if you want to save cash, click on the ‘Vimeo’ link on the bottom right to watch it there etc etc

Credit goes to the variety of terrain at Naseby, not to mention some quality scenery. Was also noteworthy as being the most amount of time I could actually see Mad Markus, as he lulls me into a false sense of security on the easiest trails of the trip.

Tomorrow – The Coronet Peak shuttle mania

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