Today is a bit of a mixed one to be honest, but we’ll start with the good stuff. I foamed at the mouth earlier this week over the new Santa Cruz Nomad Carbon. Yes, the most fabulous mountain bike on the planet has been totally redesigned and against all logic, I must have one (in black). Watching this rad video has only exacerbated this desire – Allow yourself to be enchanted by hitting the below video:

Forget for a moment you need horses to get it to the top of a mountain and there is nothing wrong at all with my current Nomad, I would like feedback on just how the fuck you say NO to this:


I want I want I want I want I want I want etc etc

I recall a scenario once where I sat in the car as a child around Christmas time repeating non-stop “I want a GI Joe, I want a GI Joe” until my poor mother cracked and screamed “I’ve already got you the fucking GI Joe!!!!”. Yes, ruining Christmas and inducing melt downs was a skill set I developed from an early age. I can see a similar scenario with this new Nomad… Stay tuned.

At the opposite end of the spectrum today, some very sad news from our DN Affiliate in Niseko, Japan. Our DN Mascot and #1 Canine homeboy, Ray Parker, has sadly passed away. Mr Parker had personality to burn and as the saying goes, personality goes a long way. You won’t catch me waxing lyrical about cats ever, but this little dude provided a lot of humour and excellent Man V Beast wrestling action on my trip to Niseko and its very sad to see his stay with us cut so short:


“Like fuck its your bed… I heard dad say you were a Hobo man… Beat it”

Ray was also a massive fan of Evo’s and always keen to lend a paw in the Hawk bunker:

"Fuck... I can't decide if I want to piss on your Evo or shit in this Italian bike case..."

“Seriously? Its NOT the Sagan special edition? Meh…”

RIP Mr Parker and our thoughts are with the Hawk and his family, the little guy will be missed by all.


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