Yeah… You know the format… That’s right, I’ve got back to the Dirty Global Collective Hub and commenced the well worn process of shrediting my way through all the Go PRO footage from the mini mission.

I looked back at all the vids from the last Perth mission and it was all full track action from top to bottom… Pffftttt… That is SO 2013 man. So, this time I’m montaging the fucking house down with some action packed and quick fire shredits that will keep things interesting and match the average adults smart phone reamed attention span.

First up? The Dok warm up tour of Kalamanda… Watch as he combines local knowledge and form to smoke the freshly arrived Singapore crew debuting the Nomads. Also enjoy me pretty much casing the fuck out of everything, particularly on ‘Luvin Shovels’:

Yeah, apologies to anyone vomiting on their screen from chesty angle induced motion sickness, its a little bit funky. And damn, I really need to get the compression action sorted out on the vids, as it looks SO much better native! Perhaps it is time to upgrade to Vimeo PRO?

The above was just a starter for the day, with the afternoon devoted to the Goat Farm Spirit of ENDURO recon mission. Watch this space as that’s going to be a fast follower… Mmmmm… Shredded Goat…


Make my goat WET

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