Some classic semi-retro action today, back to early 2012… Exact date unclear (maybe Feb?), but I know it was pre the UCI World cycle tour race in Perth, for some motor pacing action, check this out for a bit of a throwback:

So, what’s changed out of this video since then?

  • Diesel has relocated to Brissy
  • Hawk is now Mayor of Niseko
  • Shep (generous Vespa rider) has a career in frozen mountain biking in the UK
  • I have a dirty beard – check out the clean shaven action!
  • There are now traffic lights down LCK, which would have made this session tricky if done recently
  • I was on the CAAD10 for all training and racing, its now in a DN Global secured black site
  • We have had 2 updates to the Cannasia kit since then
  • My red clown shoes have been moved on… Dreadful, but comfy
  • Absolutely nothing has changed for the Goat… Except he now has a power meter

Motto of the story – Shit changes faster than you think sometimes, so enjoy every ride with your homeboys/girls

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