Great question right?! When your angle as a site is about riding and traveling, you start to get a bit sweaty and shakey when you’re stuck in one spot for more than a month… And not in a good way either mind you…

Well, no one is more relieved than me to drop a preview that this long wait is finally coming to an end. Yes, soon the now well worn tradition of unbolting pedals, wheels and handlebars will be unleashed and bikes rammed into the Evoc bike bag for the inevitable argument with the check-in desk staff.

And fuck me if it can’t come soon enough! NZ rehab aside, one has to go all the way back to the Perth Enduromania trip to get any decent fix of new adventures and stories, so quite looking forward to weaving some new tales, riding some new trails and banking some pretty crazy experiences based on what’s popping up on the radar.

First up there will be a mini training camp mission, to a well known and much loved location… Given this is a teaser I don’t want to give too much away, which I will fail on with this pic right here…


Not really obvious at all…

And then, with that Hors d’oeuvre snaffled down with all the gusto of drunk Executive at a cocktail party on his way to a covered up sexual harassment case, its on to a beast of a month in March.

Possibly taking on an agenda, format and trip unlike anything seen before in DN history… Some new and some old zones, but when it drops it will become pretty clear why its already been dubbed:


In capitals as it basically needs to be shouted out with overly enthusiastic feeling and fever… Its so big, pretty much everyone is shitting their knicks:


“Holy FUCK… Is that March? Fuck that man, G-Dawg is OUT!”

More to come in due course… But the count down clock can be started… One week to go… Party like its 2013!


V is for vasoline

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