Yes, this is waaaaay out of left field for sure! And no, its not a typo on the title of this post. Before I elaborate, how about some more Spanish goodness via Vimeo, this time watching the PRO’s take on the Angliru:

Again, no musical soundtrack so you can soak up the whistleblowing and me making a dick of myself screaming ‘Venga’ in a high pitched voice repeatedly… Seems I got a tad overexcited and it was the only Spanish word I knew.

Back to the briefing – Well, we have been to a few countries and continents now, so it was time for something totally different. In the end, its landed on the Abu Dhabi, UAE of all places to head to next for Desert Storm III. So far my research has been limited, but I have come up with these astounding facts:

  • There is a lot of sand
  • Seems to be a bit of oil about
  • It will be a high of 40 degs there today

So, as you can see, I am absolutely well set. I have even arranged for the Desert Nomad HQ to be set up in advance, team cars included:

I would prefer a Skoda team car, but the roller will do I guess...

I would prefer a Skoda team car, but the roller will do I guess…

Is this my shittiest mission briefing ever? Indeed it is… I will have to get on the ground and see wassssssssup and report back in due course. This will be different that is for sure! In the mean time I will leave you going “WTF?!”… Stay tuned for the first ride reports next week some time!

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