At last! Its the B word! Briefing time… Well, for a mini mission at least, but sometimes its not the size of mission in the fight, but the size of the fight in the mission. Ok, so that cliche doesn’t really work as I’d last about 5 seconds in a fight, but you know, its about ramming in some radness on a quick trip out of the cHub.

You know it, back to Western Strayla again for a Perth Mini Training-camp for the third time. And fuck, why not? 5 hour flight, same time zone, great trails and Herr Doktor in DA house makes it a no-brainer. Means we can get full Enduroo on the motherfucker as well.


“Where the bloody hell are ya?”

Plus, it’s a significantly better option than sitting around the cHub awkwardly fucking up the pronunciation of “Gong xi Fa cai” again and ushering in the year of the GOAT…


Filthy damn hooves

Once again it’s back to the madness of the Dok’s backyard to hit some regular favourites like the GOAT Farm and Kalamunda again (perhaps there’s an ENDURO race down there in May?) and allegedly, the boys may have lined up some new Gnar filled radness for Dirty perusal. Either way, there’s going to be more of this:



Other than getting the first trip of 2015 on the board, this little foray will provide a timely sharpen up for what lies ahead in March… Dirty, Mega, MARCH. The other awesome part about getting back down to Western Strayla, you get to slip sweetly back into some much loved traditions:


No wonder I’ve been saying ‘Mate’ at work so much…

Stayed tuned over the next few days as we finally get both Nomad’s back up and running on real trails and have something new to rant about! HIP-HOO-FUCKING-RAY!!

Let the Perth Mini Training-camp, or PMT as we like to call it, begin! So much Gnar it’ll give you a headache.

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