Drawn this out haven’t I?! Yes, lots of shit getting in the way of the Euro Dirty Video marathon. But, the final shredit from La Thuile is now here and ready to roll. If you need the prequels, then hit Part 1 and Part 2 first.

The good news its all head shot angle now, so less motion sickness… The bad? By this stage I am flogged and the DH bikes are really stretching their legs on the steep gnar, while I fade out. Too much light to dark as well, which messed with the Go PRO a little:

Given the punishment my arms were feeling and the gaps the DH bikes were opening up at will on the steep chundery shit, the lyrics in the music are probably quite appropriate.

Sadly I ran out of battery after this, which was ass given how good some of the very late in the day trails were… All the excuse I need to go BACK and hit it again!

Have an awesome weekend of riding everyone…

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