Its the weekend! Well, almost… Key point being appreciation for the days that start with ‘S’ has been on the dramatic increase since I plugged back into the Matrix. I am yet to convert back into a cliche drone (you may also refer to them as ‘fuckheads’) that says “TGIF right guys?!” to their colleagues, but I am sure hitting that low isn’t far off.

Another thing that I appreciate exponentially is this type of shit right here:

Yes, sadly is the wrap montage from France and the mega Meribel mission. Yes, its only taken 4 weeks or so for me to get out, but there it is. 8 awesome days rammed into 4.5 minutes. On reflection I think this edit has a few pointers:

  • Even driving in France is awesome in Summer
  • 2 second cuts for riding video takes the win
  • Its important to stop and take in the scenery
  • Watching World Cup footage NEVER gets old

So, its a double whammy… I am now SPENT on Meribel video footage, (thank fuck I hear you say) and every day at the moment I am being stabbed in the face by Trans Provence video that screams “You should be here, na na nanana na etc“. BUT, this time in a week I will be shredding somewhere on the new Nomadness, so some reprieve… Watch this space!

Enjoy the weekend riding and good luck to those racing wherever you may be in the Global Network.

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