Well, it seems to be the week for it doesn’t it? Some may still be pretending to be at work, but ultimately we know that unless you’re working in Syria, this week is sliding into chillsville and Christmas fever, which partly explains DN going off the grid. Initially there were concerns from fans (1 whatsapp message) that I had signed for Team Sky and their nerd PC ‘Can’t say that on-line’ media policy had closed us down:


“How am I going to explain this to the boys… #notenduro”

Whilst I have a Stages Power Meter, a Wahoo and more Rapha than Team Sky, I’m pleased to report that no, I haven’t joined the team where promising careers go to die in the service of dour personalities. Instead, I signed up for this action:


Bank it… And then some

No bike… No Laptop… No training plans… Just a whole shitload of chilling the fuck out. So, just like the last two months then, except with a significantly upgraded view. Seems all a bit perverse being in such a location, in such weather and not having a bike to turn a crank in mild anger, but have to say, it was golden to have a mini break… Starting to love this new ENDURO training approach.

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