Like a non-stop Zurich underground club, the EuroEnduro video fetish rolls on and on… It also moves from France to Italy, for two days of rabid-oh-my-god-he’s-foaming-at-the-mouth Finale fun. Had I known it was going to be this good, I probably would have stayed longer, or perhaps I shall just have to go back?

If you thought the posts raving on about how good Finale was were long, well, check out the Dirty Video action then… Two awesome days of riding with the UK crew rammed into one Shredit, so sit back on the weekend, grab some chups and a beer and get ready to add Finale to your ‘fuck yes I need to go there‘ list:

Yeah, so the chesty footage isn’t the best ever, so I tried to blend keeping it to a minimum, but still showcasing the golden EWS Stages we had the chance to hit. Also worthy of note, Louise the guide is fully pinned the whole time, not surprising really given she likes to win Italian Cup races when not smoking the local trails.

Its hard to go past this video without of course the famous Enve demise on day 2. The odd part of course is it doesn’t really look like a particularly nasty piece of trail that ultimately did it in, its a reminder that it only takes one bad ass rock to fuck things up.

Next up on the Movie marathon? BIG Alpine day… So stay tuned for the sweet Mon-Ton views that are a mega contrast from the sweet Finale dirt.

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    • Dirty Nomad

      We know the quota levels that we need to get to in order to outdo the Germans and usually hit the mark…


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