And so we’ve arrived at the final milking of the Millau udder… Let’s ignore the fact there have been almost 2 EWS rounds since the final French fling, its just taken a bit of effort to sift through far too much Go Cunt footage to pull together something meaningful to help you fuck work off for a bit and indulge in some French single track porn.

Based on the fact that I love to win practice, not to mention in Millau it was the highlight, I’ve ended up with two Dirty Videos to assault your eyeballs with this time. Firstly there is the more eclectic and interesting practice cut, which of course includes all the stages I didn’t get to ride on Day 2.

Notable cameo’s here by the #SwissMissile, the Enduro Care Bear and Sven Martin snapping bangers like the mud paparazzi he is when not busy directing traffic:

The chaser to that ENDUROgasim flavoured shot is of course the actual race day itself, which is a comical mix of me almost crashing while overtaking someone, then actually crashing while being overtaken and also unleashing some random liaison commentary when I should have actually been getting the fuck on with walking up the hill instead of bitching about it…

I’ve left gratuitous amounts of stage 2 in here as well, it was fucking excellent to ride (one may even describe it as ‘Lit’ and/or ‘Savage’) and for once actually looks sort of fast. As you’ll see however, the opposite can be said of stage 4, where my switchback management will make Nico Lau vomit into his Pastis if he watches this:

Oh and yes, that Stage 3 was as evil a motherfucker as it looked there, and I say that without it being obvious that my ass was on the back wheel for most of it as I death gripped my way down.

In a strange wrap up, that may actually be the last race of Dirty 2017, but there’s an outside chance that could change if I can sneak into some NZ events at the end of the year, so we’ll see how it pans out. Stay tuned as content will now start to drunkenly wander in a number of different directions and most likely get tazered at some point.

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