Post DM2 and fully sucked back into the Matrix and its thick choking cloud of corporate dreariness and indecisiveness, it seems like a mega long time since I was indulging in the radness and crisp mountain air of a couple of days on Coronet Peak. A quick check of the iCunt calendar indeed confirms its over a month now since two excellent days on one of the best places you and your mountain bike can hang out.

Two days, two Shredits? Not so… Today is a bit of a mash up for something different, its all about the Recon vs. the Race.

Not so much by design, but I ended up with footage from all the stages raced during the CP ENDURO, except some of it from the actual race day and some of it from the Dirty Recon Mission with Bobby the guiding guru. As you can imagine, quite different circumstances obviously, but one common theme: Its a golden place to ride your bike.

Without further faffery, here’s CP from the blender, dished up with its refreshing mountain air and epic vistas for your eyes to savour:

Yes, that was the race that went rather sideways with the 3rd self destructing Maxxis rear tire of the tour… And as it may be noted in the vid, stage 5 was a total melt down as I had effectively given up by that point in the day, probably why there were looks of disbelief at the finish that someone was still out on course, it was one of the longest tire changes in the history of ENDURO as I spent more time Whatsapping people in sheer bewilderment than I did getting back on track.

Also worth noting, the new Fox shorts have quite long legs… Which is fine until you crash and manage to insert your handlebars deep inside them… #firstworldenduroproblems.

If this vid wasn’t enough to make you fever for riding on CP, then there is always more to be found HERE and fucking HERELove it, shred it, repeat.

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