So the World Cup DH kicks off this weekend in Lourdes, France, on what absolutely looks like a truly EPIC course and fuck do I wish I was there, to spectate of course, as it looks even more feral than what was going down in Meribel last year.

With this in mind, it feels a little meek to be bringing a shredit out today that is on a trail called the ‘Epic trail’, but by comparison to what the WC Legends are shredding is anything but… However, for those of us not born with Marvel like super shred freak powers, this was actually a pretty fun trail… Assuming you didn’t get lazy with crank placement like someone we know. Not to give away the joke, but the punch line is absolutely at the end…

So, jump on board as we follow Snozza, who, unable to shake his road/CX/XC bandit roots, wanted to give it a bit of wellie with plenty of fucking pedalling, which only made me Le Tired, 29er fuckbaggery etc:

So, not so little secret, this downhill is pretty much the only reason to go and ride the Epic Trail in Buller to be honest, what you see here is 25 or so minutes of descent packed into a 3.5 minute edit, which masks that you have to work at it a fair bit here, but are rewarded with some awesome high speed moments.

As you may not recall from the lowdown that day, best to hit it a little fresh if possible, just remember its a bit of a hike to get out there… 17km climb with around 800m elevation gain… Yes, blow pay someone to shuttle you.

Don’t forget to tune into the World Cup DH action tonight to see how its REALLY fucking done, live on Red Bull TV… Doooooosh! Can’t wait, its going to golden.

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