Initially I wasn’t going to make this Dirty vid, as some may recall, there was a lot of bleating and moaning going down, so wouldn’t it make sense to bypass and move on?

Sure, I had ridden myself literally into the ground the day before, but I still wasn’t expecting the SHAM Brakeburner to turn into close to 5 hours of Banditry, or for my body to feel utterly empty from the very first lap… But, that’s how it rolled. Whilst I spent a lot of time with a lemon/cats bum mouth (different meaning there for different people), ultimately it was a massive day on the bike and as you can guess, pretty important prep for what was to come on tour, so figured a bit of a vid was in order. That and I had a shitload of Go PRO footage from the race…

This was also the day that really tested out Snozza’s patience, to be honest I just wanted to see how long he would wait until he lost his shit totally, which to his credit he never really did… Probably too confused as to how I could be so unfit? To make sure you don’t lose your shit watching this vid, I have edited out most of the Banditry and only left in the good bits, even some fucken slo-mo there for the parts that felt semi rad, but on review look shit slowed down, such is life:

So I’ve been cranking out all this Buller Dirty vid action, but don’t worry, only one more to come before we head south and hit the goodness of Queenstown, the DM2 Shredit onslaught is set to prevail for some time to come… More Go PRO files than you can shake a nest of cunts at!

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