The Dirty Shrediting rolls on, like a bandwidth hungry juggernaut obsessed with consuming evenings, hard drive space and the Vimeo servers. It clearly doesn’t feel pain, pity or mercy either… But at least today its time for a location change as we move from Mt Buller to Queenstown and a change of scene. Same dirty old chesty mount I’m afraid though, variety lovers no doubt hating on that.

Likewise, the racing theme remains… Straight into the 6 hour Super D event, which was another massive day on the bike. However, unlike the previous event of this nature, the course was an absolute banger! Fast, gnar, steep and just relentless basically… It made the 6 hours feel more like 3 in the end and with so much new stuff thrown in, there wasn’t a hint of boredom anywhere in sight.

Whilst I didn’t bother putting in the entire 7km course, its a mix master of some of the normal classic trails everyone loves the fuck out of, along with as much of the new stuff they threw in all over the show to keep one firmly planted on the toes. Did I mention the weather was epic? Jump on board for a lap:

What may not show up here was that this day solidly drove some real progression riding wise… Nothing like 6 hours smashing yourself through the bike park to get the mojo rolling. Whilst I managed only 13 laps, it firmly kicked the riding up a notch and I’m pretty sure a key day in helping me navigate the EWS round ahead.

And yes: We LOVE the Bike Park! Get stoked, go and ride.

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