As I clear exhaust fumes out of my lungs after a rare break in the rainy season road ride, I obviously hark back to better days… Days which included sleep ins, Italian custard breakfast donuts, sweet shuttle uplift, gelato and more rad shredding than I could throw a fashionably wide handlebar at.

I am of course referring to the Day of Enlightenment… Where we saw the light and were delivered from our own cuntery thanks to Coach Karim and his blend of encouragement and terrifying riding behind you coaching style. A few pointers before pressing play on this Dirty Video:

  1. Go PRO’s hate dappled light, don’t worry, I minimised the dreadful POV
  2. Yes its as rough as a ‘Donald Transition’ in Finale when its dry, hence the motion sickness
  3. Its scientifically proven beyond doubt that its significantly more ENDURO when your riding kit matches your bike
  4. Extreme PRO froth warning issued for this video
  5. In no way, shape or form should this video be taken as an endorsement for bum bags – Sorry Rodfather.

And with those parental guidelines firmly in place, roll tape…

And yes, the second half of the vid is a rather giant fuck you to the whole #freeridenotpreride scene, but when you get the chance to run some laps with Nico V, all hashtags can basically line up to rim you.

Next up in the lazy blogging/Italian video onslaught? Molini of course! I promise one of these days I will get back to actually writing semi interesting ranting content, but until I’m struck with some inspiration Dirty Videos will hopefully suffice.

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