Well, after a couple of days off its timely for a quick Sit Rep on my short week back in Singapore before getting back on the plane to head to Milan on Friday night.

One thing I forgot to mention the other day about Whistler is the time zone… Its a mofo, unless you live in the US of course, but anywhere else in the world and its going to mess your shit up for sure, both ways. So, don’t arrive home on a Sunday in Asia/Australia/NZ and think about work on a Monday, as you’re going to be a zombie/veggie at some stage. Losing a day also a weird set up at the same time.

On the point of work on a Monday, it did strike me this morning that this is the first time in around 15 years or so that I have got back from a Holiday/Shredathon and didn’t have to think about going to work on a Monday… A somewhat liberating/temporary/strange feeling and one that I need to make sure I enjoy while it lasts.

So, this week is about emergency road riding… I won’t call it training as its too late for that, but I essentially have 5 days to heal the various injuries from Whistler and get used to pedalling again. This morning hasn’t been very useful in facilitating my need to get miles in:

Welcome home...

Welcome home…

That’s the one, bathed in wetness… so to speak. Anyway, now I am PRO, I can wait it out with coffee and no pastry and then try again this afternoon. I have had time to start the process to prepare equipment for Italy though, with these life saving rings going on already:

Self preservation of a different kind

Self preservation of a different kind

More on this tomorrow when I will unleash Gear Rant #2 about road bikes. In the mean time, I have coffee to attend to and a Santa Cruz Bullit to rebuild and sell!

Not much else to report, the contrast between Whistler and Singapore could not be more stark to be honest and I don’t mean that in an endearing way. Planning for next years trip will commence shortly. I will be working on getting some video up this week from Whistler, matching music to shredding always a tricky business.

From the coolness file: The Mega avalanche was held over the weekend in Alpe d’Huez (magical place), an insane mass start MTB race from the summit to the valley. It was cool for two reasons:

  1. Jerome C won it on 26 Inch wheels, proving again that news of their death has been greatly exaggerated and;
  2. Jamie Nicoll from NZ and riding a Santa Cruz Nomad came an insane 7th place in the Pro’s! I used to race against Jamie as a junior in NZ (Correction, we started the same races together and he would beat 2nd place by a minimum of 10 mins), so its great to see him killing it. If you have a spare 5 mins and want to see photos slightly better than my iPhone pics, then hit this for some epic scenery:


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