With blogging material at a desperate low right now, I am almost failing to keep the lights on… So, there is only one thing to do at times like these: Regurgitate others material. Yes, its lemming time!

Some may recall that I was relatively critical of the Eskdale MTB park when I rode there in Jan. Awesome forest and setting, but I left feeling a little ‘meh’ with the trails. Looks like someone agreed and set about doing something about it. Here’s another excellent reason to visit the Hawkes Bay, not just for smashing its awesome wine or sensational road riding:

Respect to the trail builders, that new number looks a lot better than what I experienced when I was there, great to see.

At the opposite end of the spectrum and a whole lot more stressful, this is a mega lemming reload, but check out this footage from John Degenkolb’s sprint finish in the Tour of California stage he lost to Cav by 1mm… Yes, that’s not a typo, 1 fucking millimetre… Its amazing to think Cav is on his right in the final shot of this little video (best watched in HD):

I like it when he shouts “Go go go“, as it appears they already were going the fuck out of it… More of this footage please, even if its from a video mounted on a Giant.

Speaking of Giant, caught the new Godzilla movie, massively unrealistic story line… There is no way a fat dinosaur is taking that many armour piercing rounds at point blank range and still rolling… As if. I did feel a strange bond with the beast though after my recent weigh in and weak arms, we have a lot in common. Almost made me want to vomit up my sweet popcorn.

I’m off to find something remotely interesting and original to write about, could be tough!

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