Righto… I am massively struggling to get out a decent update today (as in, photos) due to arriving in Genting Highlands to find that the super weird hotel that confirmed it had Wifi, actually didn’t… Which is like paying a stripper to put layers of clothes on, somewhat pointless. So, I am currently battling like a mofo with Starfucks wifi in the WORST hotel lobby on the planet:

Dirty and slow...

Dirty and slow…

So, instead of bringing you the low down on the Genting Highlands as promised, today is a short post on how to become a mother trucking LEGEND… Something achieved over the weekend by the very Iron Hawk. Some people do their first Ironman to finish, after all its as hard as it gets for a one day sports event (outside of Paris Roubaix) and this is a perfectly acceptable approach…. Unless you’re the Iron Hawk of Niseko. How about some of these points then on what he smashed out today in the Ironman Japan event:

  • 9 hours 53 mins finishing time
  • Marathon in 3.21 (Holy FAAARK)
  • 2nd in Age Group
  • 14th overall (beating some pros)
  • Bike course was windy and raining with 1900m of climbing

Yes, climb right in and accuse me of having a man crush, but fuck, I dare you to try resisting having one after a day like that. Topped off with Mr Ray Parker getting so pumped he dished out an awesome finish line photo bomb:

Mr P - Always in on the action

Mr P – Always in on the action: “God I want to shit all over this finishing strip…”

Like a real legend, he is typically understated and will no doubt cringe at me foaming at the mouth over today’s performance, but I feel its warranted… I also think that this definitely applies for the iHawk:


A massive NOMAD Congratulations dude, a huge day out and a great result! If you head to Kona it will make an awesome excuse to have a Dirty Hawaii leg of the DNWCT.

As for Genting – Full low down to come tomorrow… Summary version: Its shit. Yes, that sounds a bit harsh, but I have a full dossier being compiled at the moment to ruthlessly reinforce my point (starting with the Wifi). To give you a teaser for tomorrow, here is the Hotel in question, and no, this is NOT a computer generated image:

You'd be excused for thinking you'd taken LSD...

You’d be excused for thinking you’d taken LSD…

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  1. Hawk

    I can confirm Parker shat right under the finishing chute 10 minutes before the winner came through

  2. ruth pretty

    Hi James Is that LSD hotel in Spain? Where are you exactly. i thought you were flying into in Barcelona.. Love Ruth and Paul.

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