Well, my dirty picks for the world champs went sideways at the first possible chance didn’t they? Das Panzer got blown away by Wiggo faster than you can say ‘By jove, scramble the Spitfires!” He really did smash him, especially over the last part of the course. Respect to Wiggo, he has now capped off his Palmares with very few gaps left to fill. Lets hope Spartacus can do the same on Sunday night!

Whilst I painstakingly agonise over the final video montage summing up the entire Meribel Mission (yes, some 4 weeks late), I have a bit of a gap filler in what I’m sure will be considered a dildo of a video.

That’s right, its a montage of 29er XC riding! Say Whaaaaaaat?! Yeah… Well, I had the footage, had the gap, so have decided to ram it in. It also doubles as a plug for NZ Tourism, given I cover essentially the whole of the North Island on the winter tour of weirdness. Yeah, this action dates back to pre-Meribel even…

How do you make a 29er video semi tolerable? A few tricks… Pick music that makes you feel happier than you probably are at the time, so if nothing else its a music video with decent scenery, hit multiple locations so it feels like a tour, have short cuts of footage and ultimately use fast forward a LOT… Which probably then triggers motion sickness for you the viewer.

It also occurred to me during the editing process that wearing my Mavic long sleeved MTB jersey and TLD red gloves makes me look like a FULL clown, or more of, depending on your perspective. You’ll see what I mean…

See – Winter MTB in NZ isn’t that bad is it! Yes, thats a long-sleeve ice breaker you see a bit off. This video is also the first and last time you’ll see the Scalpel on Dirty Nomad, its been turfed and is soon to be replaced by something that is A) Actually cool and B) doesn’t sound like a Concrete Mixer trying to fuck a bulldozer when you ride it. Watch this space…

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