What a week… The celebratory lunches and coffee’s have been flowing, jokes focused on the vanquished have been plentiful (and fucking funny just quietly) and I have been scratching around the editing room like a genetically modified chicken with an attitude problem. We don’t always make a video of XC Racing, but when we do its usually the WA winning the fuck out of it.

The end result? The Day of the Assassin condensed into 4 minutes of glory and a case study in going Nek Level to vigorously pull victory from the starfish of defeat. Nino Shurter and Julien Absalon are going to shit in their skin tight kit when they see this… Without further faffery, the 2015 SG Bandit Champs from the furry chest mounted perspective:

A few key lessons we can take from this flick then:

  1. Screw in track pumps about as useful as a ventilated condom when in pressure situations
  2. Furry chest mount perhaps a fail when it comes to capturing the key moment of the day, I.e. Actually crossing the finish line
  3. I clearly failed the team manager test by have zero clue as to what was actually happening at the finish, but followed up strongly with my usual penchant for triple checking
  4. Feedzone gimp life cut in footage seems to look pathetic compared to what you can shoot at Whistler.

A big thanks to everyone else that turned up as the ‘control group’ in Elite so that we could see an example of how epic the Welsh Assassin’s athletic prowess really is. Your service was appreciated, keep hoping he races Masters next year I guess?

For those FREAKING OUT about the week of Banditry, please be assured that normal ENDURO service is set to resume, and in a much bigger fashion than even I expected it to…

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